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Handcrafted  Sterling Silver Pendant with Ammonite

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Pendant with Ammonite

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Handcrafted Sterling Silver Pendant with Ammonite is a one of a kind creation.  Ammonites were marine animals from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods and very abundant. Their shell is spiral shaped. The mollusk  would take in impurities from the water and filter it through the chambers, then release it. They are found on every continent. The fossils were formed when the ammonoids died, and their shells were buried in sand or silt. The metaphysical properties are symbols of change and positive motion. Thy are believed to help with blood pressure and degenerative disorders affecting the ears and lungs.  The Ammonite is associated with the Third Eye Chakra.  Pair this pendant with one of our Natural Beaded necklaces or Adjustable Sterling Silver Magic Ball Chains, stationary Sterling Silver Chains in 16", 18", 20", 24", or 30", or our Sterling Silver Neck Collars in 16" and 18" (sold separately) for a beautiful piece of art.