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Handcrafted  Sterling Silver Pendant with Malachite

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Pendant with Malachite

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Handcrafted Sterling Silver Pendant with Malachite gemstone is a one of a kind creation using quality gemstones and expert craftsmanship. Each stone is handpicked by me for quality and color. Malachite gemstone is a It is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral. That is why copper gets a green patina finish.  It has been used for centuries in carvings, decoration, jewelry. Malachite today can be found in the Deomcratic Republic of Congo, and small amounts in Australia, France, and the US. The metaphysical properties are believed to be useful in revealing and healing emotional pain, provides insight.  Malachite is associated with the heart and throat Chakra. Pair this pendant with one of  our Natural Beaded necklaces or Adjustable Sterling Silver Magic Ball Chains, stationary Sterling Silver Chains in 16", 18", 20", 24", or 30", or our Sterling Silver Neck Collars in 16" and 18" (sold separately) for a beautiful piece of art.